Citywise™ Sydney   February 25th, 2016


Mark Murdoch - Assistant Commissioner and Commander - Counter Terrorism & Special Tactics Command, NSW Police

Larry Waite - Safe City & Corporate Security Manager, Ipswich City Council

Nicole Hogan - Manager Operational Capability, Emergency Management Directorate, NSW State Emergency Service

Mark Edmonds - Manager Security Capability - Sydney Trains

Sydney is Australia's largest and most famous city. It is home to iconic buildings, historic landmarks, award-winning restaurants, and a vibrant culture. The city has a strong commitment to urban security and is active in collaborating with businesses and communities to predict, prepare, respond and react to security issues. During the Citywise™ Sydney event, attendee discussions focused on the need for proactive collaboration to improve the vitality and safety of the city. This included:

1- The role of the collected effort and collaboration between all levels of government (council/municipal, federal and state) and the private sector, to keep citizens, interests and businesses safe.

2- The need for proactive and transparent coordination before catalyzing events in order to ensure that the city is prepared to return the city to normal as quickly as possible.