Citywise™ Saint Louis   October 29, 2015


Samuel Dotson– Lieutenant – St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

Brent Feig – Lieutenant – St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

Martin Limpert – Executive Director, Corporate Security, RGA Reinsurance Company

Pat Rauzi – Sargent Kansas City Police Department

Jim Whyte – Director – Central West End – Neighborhood Security Initiative


As more cities continue to use video surveillance to capture a bird’s-eye view of the activities that are happening in their cities, they are seeing value from collaborating with citizens and businesses to deliver a holistic view of city security.

During Citywise St Louis roundtable Police Chief Dotson spoke at length about how the city needs to collaborate with its citizens to make St Louis a more livable city. There were many discussions about privacy and the use of technology – as a fine balance needs to be struck between citizens, business and the city authorities when it comes to keeping the citizens of safe while keeping an eye on crime.