Citywise San Francisco / June 4, 2015


Gregory Suhr- San Francisco Police Chief

Captain Wahid Kazem – Santa Clara Police Department

Gaurav Garg – Director of IT, City of Santa Clara


In San Francisco, city officials believe that collaboration is key to success. This is evidenced through regular communications with city officials from Oakland, San Diego, Santa Clara and Los Angeles, where they share insights and updates about urban and public security – this interaction also ensures the sharing of data and video across jurisdictional boundaries when an incident arises.

Similarly, this collaborative culture is carried forward among San Francisco’s public agencies – and is expanded to include local businesses and academia whenever possible to foster trust and the ability to work together to enhance urban safety. This approach was discussed at Citywise San Francisco as a means to provide the City with a ‘single pane’ view of real-time video and the ability for its officials to collaborate with business and citizens to respond quickly and effectively to protect the community