Citywise Louisville / June 9, 2015


Barry Whitton – Director of the Cincinnati Real-Time Crime Center

Jennifer Corum – Director of the Louisville Real Time Crime Center

Glen Mudd - Manager Loss Control, Louisville Water Company

Greg Gitschier – Security consultant and retired US Secret Service Agent


Louisville, Kentucky is the proud owner of the Louisville Real Time Crime Center (RTCC), and city officials see this tool as a critical component in their efforts to secure their city and to provide officials with visibility into their community and public spaces at all times.

The City’s strategy to effectively sustain and manage the Center was a key point of discussion during Citywise Louisville. By ensuring the adequate funding for the maintenance and management of the RTCC system, along with the effective staffing and training of the Center’s employees, the RTCC is prepared with not only the most up to date technology to facilitate the timely dissemination of data that will ensure the City meets its public safety objectives, but also enables Louisville to take an increasingly proactive approach in its urban security practices