Citywise Kansas City / June 16, 2015


Cy Ritter – President, Police Foundation of Kansas City

Melissa Tebbenkamp – Director of Instructional Technology, Raytown Quality Schools

Travis Hux – Assistant Superintendent Support Services, Raytown Quality School

Pat Rauzi – Sergeant, Kansas City Police Department

Daniel Watts – Patrol Bureau Special Projects – Kansas City Police Department

Mark Perry – IT Infrastructure Specialist – City of Overland Park, Kansas


Kansas City, a.k.a the ‘City of Fountains’, is renowned for 4 things: its 200 fountains, its beautiful architecture, its world-famous barbecue and its innovative thinking. When it comes to urban innovation, Kansas City is leading the way in security. It has built a robust and well planned system to protect its interests, citizens and visitors; in fact, the City’s use of security technology has become a showcase for city officials from around the world to visit, learn from and emulate.

During Citywise Kansas City, there were many highly debated topics but body worn camera (BWC) and cloud technology topped the list. Policies related to BWCs, collection of video footage by police officers and cloud-based data storage were hot topics. With a need to archive video evidence for a minimum of 2 years­, and up to 75 years depending on the type of crime, Kansas City is helping define effective rules for cities to manage storage and access to video surveillance data. The use of BWC technology by the police adds additional storage burdens to the city that must be addressed and the ample, accessible storage and related data security offered by the cloud is one path forward that Kansas City is looking at to address this need