Citywise Dallas / June 18, 2015


Sheriff Lupe Valdes – Dallas County Sheriff

Eric D Campbell – Assistant City Manager, City of Dallas

Steve Evans – Management Services Director, Arlington Police Department

Eric S Metcalf – Director of Technology, Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office

Norman Ashton – Risk Manager, Tarrant Regional Water District


Dallas is the ninth largest city in the United States with a population of 1.2 million people and covering approximately 343 square miles. This large and growing metropolis is recognized for its social, political and economic conditions, which are key components that promote the welfare of its citizens. At Citywise Dallas, Dallas County Sherriff Lupe Valdez outlined a four pillar strategy used to improve the well-being of its population that focuses on delivering:

1- wide reaching transportation

2- access to education

3- strong health and wellness programs

4- strategic urban planning

Dallas-area officials also believe that strong citizen and city government relationships are crucial to making their communities safer and therefore better places to live. Recently, Dallas and 35 surrounding communities participated in the “National Night Out”, a community-police awareness-raising event dedicated to crime prevention and celebrating a united city. By collaborating in this way with its citizens, enterprises, and law enforcement, the City has found innovative approaches to help in the protection and engagement of its population