Citywise Calgary / May 28, 2015


Superintendent Guy Slater – Calgary Police Service

Owen Key – Chief Security Officer – City of Calgary

Jody Reid – Security Manager – BOW Tower

Brian Whitelaw – Coordinator of Public Safety – Calgary Transit Authority

Cory Freed – Senior Legal Counsel - Microsoft Canada


Alberta is the heart of Canada’s energy sector, it produces about 1.9 million barrel of oil per day and is home to the 3rd largest proven oil reserves in the world. With this energy boom, Alberta is experiencing rapid growth in housing development, energy sector jobs and crime.

During Citywise Calgary, the topic of securing critical infrastructure with video surveillance was a highly discussed. Cities and enterprises are capturing real-time video of their people, products and interests and this produces terabytes of data which needs to be stored in an effective manner. In order to effectively manage, store and access the ever growing amount of data produced by video surveillance systems, the City is looking to the Cloud as an option that provides ample storage, accessibility and privacy