Citywise Atlanta / April 10, 2015


Kasim Reed, Mayor, City of Atlanta

George N Turner, Police Chief of Atlanta

Emily Love, Director of Innovation and Performance, City of Atlanta


Atlanta is the 8th largest city in the U.S. with over 5.8 million inhabitants. With a large population to manage and secure, the City is focused on improving collaboration with the community to secure their public spaces. During Citywise Atlanta, the speakers delivered insight on how the city is empowering its citizens to share video footage to help in the protection of their streets. This initiative is working in concert with an increased police presence on the ground.

Also key to Atlanta’s strategy is bringing public and private sectors together in lock step to cultivate a safe and robust environment for its citizens and local businesses. The City is proud to be engaging the broader community and to be working in concert with enterprise and urban planners alike with the goal of effectively managing and nurturing the growth of Atlanta