Citywise™ New York / September 15, 2015


Juliette Kayyem - Security Consultant and Former Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs, Department of Homeland Security

Kirk Arthur - Managing Director Worldwide Public Safety at Microsoft

Lieutenant Samuel Hood III - Director of Law Enforcement Operations for Citiwatch at the Baltimore Police Department

In the city that never sleeps, security is top of mind for public policy officials, as well as for enterprise security executives from New York City, and neighboring communities such as Hoboken (New Jersey), Baltimore (Maryland) and Washington, DC.

Since 9/11, New York City officials have developed a collaborative approach to urban security which spans across the City’s 5 boroughs and neighbouring states. It is through this collaboration among City officials, citizens, urban security experts, and members of the federal government, (FBI, CIA, DEA, and Homeland Security, for example) that the City is able to deliver a constant and transparent level of security.